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Book of List

Who's the leader in your market?

Ventura County Business Journal Book of Lists provides you with listings of companies in their fields, by ranking. You’ll also receive the names of key decision makers, along with their titles and complete contact information.

How can you benefit from it?

Sales Prospecting– Learn and discover the top businesses by industry that needs your product and services.

Connect with decision makers: Full name and telephone number will be provided so you can reach them.

What's in the Book of Lists?

The Book of Lists contains lists of top companies, arranged by industry. Each listing includes: business name, address, phone numbers, contact person & title, employees, revenues and etc.

Use list for Business Research

Do you want to see who’s on top in your industry? learn about who’s on top and see how your business measures up to theirs.

Get key facts and statistics of your competitors in the cities of Ventura County.

Business to Business

Does your business or organization have a product or service that other businesses need? Look for businesses on criteria that are specific to your business industry.

Networking- Extend your network and search for new connections by industry and data.

Looking for a Job?

Search prospective employers direct contact information and go to person. Learn about their organization and see what are important to you in your job search.

Relocating or moving to a new area? This List can assist you in finding a new employer or a real estate agency!

Interested in being included in a list? Email:

Charitable org. or fundraising?

It’s tough trying to raise money for your cause or charity if you don’t know how to ask for the right person. Find out who runs the company and share your ideas with them.

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