Overcoming The Fear of Success

Nellie Ayala with Bella Mar Spa and Salon

Entrepreneurs are known risk takers. The go all out to achieve their goals even though they know that there is a real risk of failure. At times they do fail. They know that failure is an inevitable part of success but they don’t let those failures define them. They get right back up and try, try again. Once they get passed that hurdle they realize that failure is not what scares them the most. What scares them the most is the realization that they are more powerful than they know. What most people are actually afraid of is success.

Most people set deadlines and targets for themselves but let themselves fall into the trap of self-doubt that keeps them from reaching their targets. They allow that nagging gremlin in the back of their heads to convince them that the goals they set are too large to accomplish. They start to doubt their own greatness instead of embracing the possibility of what could be. This kind of mentality is self-sabotage; they’re standing in their own way.

They stand in their own way because of past hurts. There are times in life where they have tried something and failed at it and rather than learning from the experience they let it stifle their progress. Successful people have learnt to take those bad experiences, find the best in them and move forward in search of the greatness that they know they are worthy of. So stop making excuses, get out of your own way and let the universe guide you to the success and happiness that it has in store for you.




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