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Internationally Respected Southern California-based Holistic Dentist Dr. David Villarreal

Any dental material in your mouth that is not compatible with your particular body chemistry is likely to be suppressing and stressing your immune system, says Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry. The suppression of the immune system can lead to a host of illnesses from more frequent colds to autoimmune diseases to far worse conditions.

“Traditional medical practitioners and the public at large do not realize that what occurs in the mouth doesn’t end at the neck. The mouth is the gateway to our overall health and impacts nearly every aspect of the body. By tending to the mouth, you live longer and healthier,” says Villarreal, who is a leading spokesman for bio-compatible dentistry—finding ways that support the rest of the body, instead of stress it.

Villarreal employs a procedure that insures that there is a perfect match between your filling material and your individual body chemistry. He performs a blood compatibility evaluation, which then pinpoints the right material. There are literally dozens of different aesthetically pleasing composites and the report specifies which works best for you to maintain optimum health and help heal the immune system. (We do have scientific studies on biocompatibility we can provide.)

Villarreal’s practice, BioDental Healing in Newbury Park, CA, is also renowned for the strict bio-protective protocols that he employs in removing silver amalgam fillings with mercury in them. Amalgam fillings are composed of 50% mercury, which is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on Earth—more toxic than lead, arsenic or cadmium, according to scientists. Studies show that mercury—heavy metal poisoning–has been linked to Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus,  Parkinson’s, arthritis and many other auto immune diseases The consequences may not make themselves apparent until many years after the filling is applied. Even removing them can be dangerous to all parties when the particles are released into the air. Most European countries banned mercury fillings nearly 40 years ago.

Thus, Villarreal employs a host of procedures that protect everyone in the process, making it appear that the HazMat team may have descended on the office.

First, Villarreal and team don special gear including a two-valve gas mask, gloves and contamination-free coverings. The patient is provided complete draping and protective eyewear. As he begins work, Viillarreal lays a rubberized protective covering in the mouth that segregates the excise area from the rest of the soft tissue and teeth. As the drilling begins, he uses a heavy-duty sanitized suction system that ensures that all significant mercury particles are safely contained, and the patient is provided oxygen. Any free radicals–remaining airborne particles–are swept up in the ionizer in the room. Lastly, Villarreal—who is a surfer, swimmer and ocean environmental advocate–has installed a mercury separator, which prevents the mercury from finding its way into the water system and the oceans. The system is periodically cleared by the EPA for proper disposal.

And while the patient is in the chair, Villarreal has a naturopathic doctor on hand to administer intravenous vitamin C in order to help pull the heavy metals out of the system so they can exit the body as waste. The vitamin C also offsets any possible negative health consequences or withdrawal symptoms that may arise from the extraction of the heavy metals from the system.

“This is called Ozone dentistry,“ says Villarreal, “We’re purifying and sterilizing the tooth so it can be filled with a more healthful alternative. But it’s important to know that not all unhealthy fillings are silver. There are many white fillings that also have heavy metals in them. So make sure to ask your dentistwhether there are heavy metals in the composite.”

People come from as far away as Europe and South Africa to have their mercury fillings removed by Villarreal in a non-toxic and environmentally safe way. He has removed more than 20,000 in his 30-year career. Filling removal accounts for 75% of his practice.

“But what gives me the most satisfaction is that people report back that they have seen significant overall health benefits and often the elimination of specific conditions that they didn’t perceive were related to their teeth at all,” says Villarreal. “Mercury fillings are still often used because they are cheap and durable, but the real cost is much more than people imagine. Physicians and dentists have been using mercury for more than 200 years. But we are way past old fashioned dentistry. Today, we have the ability to ensure more than oral health with bio-compatible materials and practices.”

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