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Moorpark Veterinary Hospital is First in Ventura County to Gain Achievement for Cats

Moorpark Veterinary Hospital is First in Ventura County to Gain Achievement for Cats

Moorpark Veterinary Hospital is the first and only hospital in Ventura County to achieve the highest, gold level of Cat Friendly Practice certification.

As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, Moorpark Vet goes to great lengths to provide exceptional care to cats and minimize the stress associated with their veterinary visits. The hospital is equipped with many features designed for this purpose. Cats have their own entrance, reception area, exam room, and treatment centers. Other measures such as calming pheromones, classical music, and warm towels help create a tranquil environment.

“It’s an honor to achieve the highest level of certification in cat care and take special precautions for cats. I love that our staff is specially trained in feline behavior and handling techniques and continued education in these areas is a part of our certification. “ said Libby Roller, Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).

In the United States, there are millions more owned cats than owned dogs, yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently than dogs. Cats hide pain and illness extremely well which is why regular check-ups are crucial. By being a gold certified Cat Friendly Practice Moorpark Vet works to achieve their goal of helping cats live longer and healthier lives.

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About Moorpark Veterinary Hospital  

Founded in 1990, Moorpark Veterinary Hospital is the only AAHA accredited hospital in Moorpark and is also the only Certified Cat-Friendly Practice in the Moorpark, Simi Valley, and Camarillo areas. Co-owners Dr. Al Schwartz and Dr. Natalie Barrett are leaders in veterinary medicine with more than 40 years of combined experience. With a mission to strengthen and lengthen the bond between pets and their people by offering the highest quality veterinary health care, the staff at Moorpark Veterinary Hospital, including multiple registered veterinary technicians, has become known throughout the region for providing exceptional veterinary medicine.




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