7 Things You Should Do When Launching Your Startup

7 Things You Should Do When Launching Your Startup

7 Things You Should Do When Launching Your Startup

These 7 to – do tasks, will take your-business from “good enough” to “ready to go” in no-time at all.

1. Designate your busy work
It is best to delegate tasks so you can focus on the more important aspects of the business.

2. Solidify your brand’s values
Identify your business’ vision, mission, and core values. This will help you connect with people internally to make them appreciate your product better, making it more valuable.

3. Rally up an online following
Create and curate captivating content for your website. An effective social media marketing strategy will also keep your customers in the loop and interested.

4. Boost the excitement around your upcoming launch
Social media marketing can bring a great hype to your business but other techniques such as promos, giveaways, competitions, and coupons will definitely captivate people’s attention during the pre-launch phase.

5. Create a pre-launch page
A pre-launch page gives a briefer to your target audience about your product and is a great way to make people sign-up to your email list.

6. Run beta tests and quizzes
Use this to collect feedback about your product while slowly introducing it to the public.

7. Build up credibility
Guest-write for niche blogs and websites to let the people know that you have something they need to watch out for.



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