A Handy LinkedIn Trick Every User Should Know

A Handy LinkedIn Trick Every User Should Know

Do you use teleconferencing to conduct important meetings much too often? Do you also feel that you have lost track of who’s talking about which issue in the meeting just because you can’t see their faces? If yes, then don’t worry any longer. Use this simple trick offered by LinkedIn and keep track of who said what during your teleconferences.

Begin by calling up the LinkedIn profile of each of the persons who’ll be participating in the meeting. Just have a quick review over their profiles and adjust all the profiles side by side so all the participants’ profiles are on your monitor. After you have arranged the profiles nicely, just try to remember their voices and link them mentally with their LinkedIn profile that’s in front of your eyes.

This simple trick would help you to make better notes regarding the strategy you are discussing and you’ll surely have a handle on the contributions made by each of the participants. Just give it a shot and we assure you that you’ll love this cool feature of LinkedIn.




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