The 8 Best Industries for Starting a Business

The 8 Best Industries for Starting a Business

Starting a Business? Here are 8 Best Industries

1. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV): AGVs find usage in all the industries which involve movement of materials. The initial investment is high and deviations in raw material prices along with changing technology poses a challenge.

2. Eco-Friendly Building: Green construction which emphasizes designs and materials that maximize energy efficiency and sustainability is another attractive sector riding high due to tax credits and new building codes.

3. Mobile Health (mHealth): The aging population, increasing chronic illness, accelerating health costs coupled with increasing popularity of mobile devices has resulted in all the stakeholders from patients to doctors looking forward to find as much health information as possible on mobile devices.

4. Foodie Fare: Increasing awareness about the health benefits of various organic, gluten free and healthy food products has led to a sharp increase in the number of retail stores selling these as well as businesses manufacturing these products.

5. Baby Products: This is one of the most robust industries which continued growing even during recession. Increasing disposable income and busy parents will continue to buy these products online, while sitting comfortably in their cubicles.

6. Translation Business: This is another promising industry as more and more companies are entering new and emerging markets there is high demand for translation of websites and other business documents.

7. Digital Forensic Services: Widespread adoption of mobile devices has led to a huge demand for digital security as the companies try to safeguard themselves from cyber crimes.

8. Applying Business: Increasing use of mobile devices has resulted in companies wanting their employees to be more productive by providing essential functions to them on their touchscreens which has led to a boom in application development and management business.




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