Secrets Entrepreneurs Say Really Work

Secrets Entrepreneurs Say Really Work

As entrepreneurship has emerged as a new dimension to the tyros, there are a few things which one should learn in order to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Networking and Word-of-mouth technique are the most simple, less expensive, yet effective techniques.


Word-of-mouth is nothing but one’s review of a product which he displays while interacting with others. Word-of-mouth is very effective for all sorts of products yet it is found to be more influential when it comes to food and drinks. Word-of-mouth can be either spontaneous or manually generated (by hiring WOM agents, doing a campaign on social media etc.) However, it was found that WOM is more effective when it is spontaneous.


Networking is creating new liaisons. Networking is meeting and keeping in touch with people who you think may turn out to be potential supplier, customer or support systems. It’s about developing and nurturing amicable relationships with those who may help you in you endeavor.



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