Obama Pushes Paid Sick and Family Leave For More Workers

Obama Pushes Paid Sick and Family Leave For More Workers

More than 43 million Americans don’t get paid sick leave’, President Obama said, as he announced his commencement on Thursday (15th Jan 2015) to bring paid sick and family leave to working parents and make it a norm in America; employing the same strategy that brought him success with increasing the minimum wage for various workers to $10.00 per hour.

He put down his signature on an order meant to give up to 6 weeks of paid leave to each and every federal employee when they have a new born in the family and called out to the congress publicly to pass a law (federal) that guarantees all Americans of 7 days paid sick leave.

He continued to state that he will ask for close to $2 billion to act as an encouragement for the states and cities to create paid family as well as medical leave programs.

Details on how the president intends to raise the $2 billion will however be made available by the white house next month.



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